​​Meet the owners of Gauthier Home Services Inc

Lee Gauthier

Former Submarine Navy man, Chef, Home builder, handy man and Dog lover, Lee focuses on well, everything. He supervises and performs in the field at almost every job site to insure orders/jobs are preformed correctly. Longtime fisherman as well as camper, Lee likes to do antiquing and travel. On the occasional weekend off Lee likes to visit with his son and young grand kids Mackenzie and Riley 

Gauthier Home Services Inc
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Pamela-Jean Gauthier

Mother of two wonderful grownup kids and four grandchildren. Pamela is the office CFO and runs the company like a tight ship. With history and background in nursing, catering, tailoring as well as bookkeeping/accounting, Pamela runs the office 24/7 to make sure the company runs smoothly. Pamela-Jean along with Lee like to spend time with family and go on the occasional short trip to enjoy life.